Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar is a new addition to the range of, well, Range Rovers by the British manufacturer. It sits right between the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque in terms of size. However, in terms of the optics and functionality it just might have it’s front grill ahead of the pack. Find out what makes this SUV special in our Range Rover Velar review.

The Numbers

Firstly, as with most flagship cars there exists more than one version. Secondly, the same model may feel and look vastly different depending on how many optional add-ons it has. Nonetheless, here’s our best attempt to summarize the Velar’s performance specs.

One version comes with a 2.0-liter diesel engine with 180 bhp and another 240 bhp. Switching to petrol engines the Velar also comes with a 2.0-liter petrol engine with one version outputting 250 bhp and yet another 300 bhp. These versions of the Velar weigh about 1,800 kg, are AWD, and can do naught to 60 mph in between 6 to 9 seconds.

We are not done quite yet. There are a couple more heavier V6 versions. One has a supercharged petrol-driven engine with 380 bhp while the other comes with a diesel-driven engine with 300 bhp.

All said and done, the number that truly matters to most is how much the car costs. Well, owning a Velar will set you back at least $50,000 and depending on the version and options that figure can rise to about $90,000.

Driving the Velar

Range Rover Velar being driven on a dusty road

Driving the Range Rover Velar is arguably one of the best driving experiences that any car could possibly offer. A little caveat though. It depends on what one looks for in a driving experience. If the roaring of a revving engine is what you’re after then the Velar is pleasantly disappointing. The Velar is smooth on most terrains and only a slight relaxing hum of the engine breaks the silence. The elevated view of the road gives a sense of control and a wider range of vision. Furthermore, its Intelligent High-Beam Assist means its headlights cast beams to over half a kilometer away for maximum visibility.

As mentioned before, the Velar is AWD and power only shifts slightly between the front and rear wheels depending on the mode one is driving in. The Velar comes with a class-leading 251 mm clearance which comes in handy when driving off-road. With the rise of artificial intelligence, cars are going to be among the first purveyors of this new technology. Handling is assisted by a system that reads steering wheel inputs to prevent things like understeer. This ensures the Velar feels as agile and nimble as possible. All that with barely any additional input from the driver apart from simply driving the car.

The Interior

Range Rover Velar brown leather interior

The interior of the Range Rover Velar features a minimalist concept. The infotainment system the and other bells and whistles are seamlessly laid over the dashboard area. Everything is within reach and is not cluttered at all. Unfortunately, the Meridian Surround Sound system is an add-on and does not come installed in the vehicle. As quoted on Top Gear, it is a sound system that makes music “sound like music and not a sound system.” We can only assume the stock option sound system is not top notch. This SUV has sufficient leg room for back seat passengers. The seats and most of the interior is covered with leather. For people who leather seats do not sit well with them, a textured cloth upholstery option is available. All in all, the interior of the Velar is an oasis textured to one’s needs from the ambiance to the sounds and the way everything feels to the touch.

A Few Bells and Whistles

The Range Rover Velar comes with quite a number of technological nuances that make the overall experience of owning and driving the car sublime. For starters, the door handles retreat into the frame of the door and pop out only when needed. The Activity Key is a smart wristband that helps you access the Velar even without keys. This allows for one to take on physical activities such as jogging without having to carry their keys around. Air suspensions lower the car after parking to ensure one effortlessly alights the SUV. The infotainment and navigation systems are as one would expect in a high-end vehicle such as the Velar. They are however more customizable than most other manufacturers are willing to make them.


Well, the Range Rover Velar first of all is a Range Rover and usually, that’s enough for anyone. Luckily, that is not all it takes for anyone to want to own this SUV. On a scale of 1 to 10 compared to other vehicles in its class, we feel it hits a solid 8 with its biggest drawback being the cost. Other than that, it was a nice addition to the Range Rover collection and we can’t wait to see what future models have to offer. For any comments or questions about our Range Rover Velar review please use the comment section below or contact us via info@hiphoplive.co.ke.

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