Notch the infamous lion king of the Mara, was the first lion in recent history to form a formidable coalition with his five sons to create one of the most prominent lion prides in history. Notch a 550 lb of latent menace, with canines the size of the thumb of an adult man. Looking into his golden unblinking eyes, you instantly realize that you are in the presence of a lion king.

Beasts of Violent Aggression

Notch the lion king and his five sons; Ceaser, Notch 2, Long, Grimace and Ron were frightening, with big black manes. They exuded the aura of unimaginable violence. They took over and dominated prides in the Mara region.

The unique story of East Africa most formidable lion coalition was followed by thousands of wildlife lovers with the help of BBC and Disney crews and social media.

The Ousting and The Return

After being ousted from his original pride by a coalition of 3 males, Notch joined forces with his 5 sons who were about 2 1/2 years at the time. After a one year period of wandering, his 5 sons matured and gained strength. They specialized in hunting buffaloes (this made them very successful), but were also known to take down big game such as hippos, young elephants and giraffes.

They later returned and dominated the eastern part of the Mara. Nothing could stand in their way and pride after pride fell to the invincible army of the Notch coalition. They moved wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted wrecking havoc and sending their enemies running at the mere sight of their large black manes.

A New Page in Lion History

The spectacular comeback turned a new page in the local lion history, the coalition was the most powerful force in the land and they fathered a lot of cubs over the years leaving a rich genetic heritage.

King Notch disappeared while patrolling his vast territory after ruling for about 10 years (at the age of 14 years) and so did his two sons. The remaining three sons: Notch 2, Ceaser and Ron ruled for another one and a half years as they transitioned from their prime into ageing lions. Over the next one year they disappeared one by one.

Live Forever

The Notches may have passed on but they will forever remain in the hearts and minds of wildlife lovers who were inspired by their story. Their genes and beautiful features are spread far and wide over the Maasai Mara and they are the most prolific fathers ever documented in this part of the world. Their descendants may never have such a story again, but their amazing genes will be passed down to future generations of lion kings.

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