There are only a handful of albums that you can play from the first song to the last song without having to press skip. “1989” is without a doubt one of them. On her fifth studio album, Tay shows great adaptability by seamlessly morphing from a country titan into a mainstream pop star. She indulges her crush on 1980s techno-pop and goes all out.

In the Max Martin-produced album, Ms. Swift sings about being in the big apple, the city of her dreams: “It’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat, beat forevermore/ The lights are so bright but they never blind me, me/ Welcome to New York/It’s been waitin’ for you/Welcome to New York, welcome to
New York” In “Wildest Dream” THE Queen pleads with her lover to remember her: “You see me in hindsight/ Tangled up with you all night/ Burn it down/ Someday when you leave me/ I bet these memories follow you around”

The best part of this LP is towards the end in “How to Get the Girl” Taylor basically takes all men to school on the art of winning over your girl: “Remind her how it used to be, be (yeah, yeah)/ With pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks (cheeks)/ Tell her how you must have lost your mind. (uh-uh)/ when you left her all alone, and never told her why (why).”

1989 debuted atop the US Billboard chart selling 1.3 million copies on the first week. It was also number one in Australia, Canada, and the UK. At the 58th Grammy Awards, it received awards for Best Pop/Vocal Album and Album of the Year becoming the first female solo act to win the latter category twice.

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